Innovative and hi-tech design of the DC48 can be used with ease.

dyson DC48

/01/ Overview

/01/ Overview

30% miniaturisation, 40% reduction in sound.

The only cylinder vacuum cleaner with Dyson's digital motor packs the performance of a full-size vacuum cleaner into a compact and agile form. The just 200mm diameter ball turns on the spot, and its small footprint makes it ideal for tiny apartments in Japan, South Korea, or loft apartments in the centers of London or New York. Engaged with the project right from its beginnings and followed it through all the way to implementation. From early cardboard proof-of-concept prototypes to dimensioning and tolerancing individual parts for production. Responsibilities included concept development, prototyping, sounds and vibration engineering, IEC and UL standards testing, design and engineering of the motor enclosure, among others.


(under employment contract)
  • Concept development
  • Prototyping
  • Sounds and vibration engineering
  • Performance engineering and testing
  • Usability studies
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DMFA)
  • IEC and UL standards testing



/02/ Challenges

Portable product with innovative form factor can be carried with ease.

With a weight of just 4.9kg (2.8kg for the main body) and a compact form factor measuring 253 x 382 x 201 mm (HxWxD), the DC48 can be carried with ease and conveniently stored in the restricted living spaces of the world's mega-cities.

*For comparison, the dimensions of an A4 paper are 210 x 297 mm.

DC48 turning on the spot.

As the smallest Dyson ball cylinder vacuum cleaner, it retains the outperforming maneuverability of its larger predecessors. The ball-shaped chassis and the 90-degree articulating hose cuff enable it to steer around obstacles and follow the user around the room, reducing collisions and increasing stability.

DC48 with its innovative industrial design follows users and is easy to use.
Figures 2-4.
The DC48's compact form, coupled with its excellent power and sound performance, makes it ideal for city dwellers.
Images ©Dyson

/03/ Technology

Dyson DC48 cutaway section view showing complex engineering and high technology.

The countless hours spent on creating, prototyping, and testing concepts taught me that with a systematic and methodological approach, any problem can be solved. While the development of hi-tech products is an obvious application for this approach, whenever possible, I apply it across all my design activities.

Figure 5.
Internals of the Dyson DC48 showcase the V4 Dyson digital motor encapsulated in a complex ducting system, which also serves as its sound, vibrations, and impact protection.
Image ©Dyson

/04/ Performance

DC48 working quietly and not disturbing home occupants.Anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers, view of the inside with triangle buffers.
Figure 6-7.
Anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers are integral components of the robust Dyson design and engineering process.
Images ©Dyson

Acoustics are at the heart of the Dyson design process. Improvements have been made to the DC48 ball, cyclones and floor tools to reduce sound levels and improve sound quality. Being part of the team that engineered acoustic solutions for the motor enclosure taught me how to work with sound and aerodynamic principles to achieve performance and great user experiences.

Figure 6-7.
Anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers are integral components of the robust Dyson design and engineering process.
Images ©Dyson

/05/ Testing

Video 1.
Bashing, dropping, grinding, unwinding, rewinding, dragging, shaking; just a few of the hardships that the DC48 has to withstand before reaching the shelves.
Video ©Dyson
Dyson DC48 in bright CMF, side view of the industrial design including wand and cleaning head.

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