it takes
one small team and an exceptional project to shake the market.

I partner together
to be that
force for change.


partnership with small design or engineering teams that have ambitious goals


deep integration, clear vision


to answer users wants and needs, create new market leaders


industrial design for hardware and
non-hardware products

Markets are dominated by major players but markets are changed by shadow players that decide to play their own game.

I integrate with small design teams and ambitious entrepreneurs to thrive on innovation and transformation. I believe in the potential of these unsung heroes, the "shadow players" who redefine the norm.

By teaming up with them, I amplify their influence to create not only products but also market leaders. My approach is collaborative and forward-thinking, I share my knowledge and experience gained at global tech giants and from award-winning projects.

At aleto design studio, I craft products but also the success stories for those who dare to dream differently.

Hand written name of the founder of Aleto Design. (By someone else)

Founder of aleto.design

Industrial designer working in a design studio on a product prototype.